Terms and Conditions

Payment method

100% advanced payment by PayPal is required.


Normally shipped by EMS.

Return policy

Due to the custom designs we specifically manufacture for you, we can not accept returns & cancellations.

Product guarantee

Heat transfer of the product must be completed within 6 months to 1 year according to the type of the transfers from production date. (Please refer to "Storage")
Customer must follow the press instruction in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the adhesive and fastness of colors.
OZAKI will not be liable for transfer applied NOT in accordance with instructions. 
By placing the order, you have acknowledged that you thoroughly understand the application instructions provided.  
It is important that the transfer machine be checked regularly for temperature, hot spots, cold spots, platen or printing surface irregularities.

In the event of defects in material or workmanship, we will replace those items within 15 days of our confirmation of such defects. 
Please make sure that report for the defective products has to be made within 72 hours of date of delivery.  
However, we cannot be responsible for the defects caused by improper application, laundry and any other secondary reasons.


Products must be kept in a cool place with less moisture.

Tagless Labels should be used up within 1 year from the production.
Gang Transfers should be used up within 6 months from the production
Serial Number Transfers should be used up within 6 months from the production

Copy right infringement

The originator of the order will have sole responsibility for any occurrence of copyright infringements.


Ozaki has the right to change pricing without notice.

Color Matching

We can not guarantee exact color matching.  Please understand that color cannot match exactly to the request due to the characteristic of ink and any conditions added to transfers during the production process, but we will match approximate color of
the request.
For Fine and Xceed of Gang Transfers, we will process your artwork as it is provided without any changes of colors in your artwork.Please understand that colors of actual transfers cannot be exactly the same to colors shown on your monitor or output of your printer. 
This is due to the characteristics of digital printing process and environmental difference in computers or printers.
Any conditions added during the production process can be another cause.

Landry instruction

Cold water wash, No bleach, Low heat tumble dry. 

OZAKI has the right to change terms and conditions without notice.
By placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions as outlined above.