Serial Number Transfers

Having Serial Numbers on any products gives them extra value.  For example, T-shirt having a serial number has rarity value.
Forged prevention and identification are another purpose for serial numbers as you know.
But how can you create so many transfers which every single transfer has different number or letter in it.
We are the solution for that.  We offer Sequential Number Transfers with no set-up charges.  This type is our special offer for you.

Serial Number Transfers

Serial Number Transfers

Serial Number Transfers

Please refer to Recommended Point for more detail.


Product Type

Custom Digital Heat Transfers


No setup charges.  Reasonable Price.


Urethane resin with water color pigment


Dark and Light colored fabrics
Cotton / Cotton & Poly / Polyester

Base of Labels

Clear film

Size of Transfers

Choose from 3 sizes.

Size of graphic


Choose from 5 colors for background. 
Decide the color of artwork based on background color.

Minimum order quantity

500 pieces (500 sequential numbers) 
Ex.) No.0001~No.0500




50 pieces per bag (kept in numerical order)


Passed on public quality examination

Lead Time

5-6 business days


Please ask for quotation.
Quote Request

Artwork Submission Guideline


Adobe Illustrator CS5 or  lower
Format:  ai., eps., pdf.
Color mode:  CMYK
Font:  Convert all font to OUTLINE
* We will accept Photoshop data only if there is no option.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 or older
Format:  psd., jpg., eps. pdf.
Resolution:  200 dpi at the actual print size 
Color mode:  CMYK
* No color background (if necessary, make a separate background layer.)
* To achieve the best quality output printing, provide 200 dpi data. Lower resolution data can be used,
   but it might be rough finishing.

Printable Size

Choose from 3 sizes.

Printable Size

Color Instruction

Choose from 5 colors for background.
Decide the color of artwork based on background color.

For Black, color your artwork with (C-0,M-0,Y-0,K-100).
For Bark Gray, color your artwork with (C-0,M-0,Y-0,K-80).
For Full color, color your artwork with any colors in CMYK.


Send your artwork at actual size that is laid out within printable size.  Submit your artwork only without background.
Upload from 【Upload】 page

Serial Number data

Submit all numbers needed (must be outlined)


We will create finishing image saved as jpg, and send it back to you.

Press Instruction

Press machine

Clamp-shell type transfer press machine


284F~302F  (140℃~150℃)


10 seconds


Mid to High pressure  36~50 PSI  (Adjust depending on the material)
* After completely cool off, remove the base film.

The press machine setting (temp., pressure and press time) may vary depending on the type of the machine
   which you use. 
   We strongly recommend to test-press to adjust the setting.


HIX Corporation

Recommended Point

Easy to order.
Ready-made size and color.

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